All butcher blocks and cutting boards were “pretty ugly” before they became beautiful

This post is basically a photo-reportage from my last month visit at Brooklyn Butcher Blocks in Brooklyn, NY.

I first run into the BBB products when I was working as a chef and I was right away impressed with the stunning look and construction of their dark brickwork carving board. So, I’ve started following them on Facebook.

In the spring I was hanging out at the Artisanal LA trade show and sure enough there was the BBB booth. So, I’ve started chatting with the guy who was there and he turned out to be the owner and maker of these beautiful products. This is how I’ve met Nils. We exchanged contacts and last month I was visiting NY, so I asked him if he would let me see how all these beautiful objects are made and take some pictures.

That random chain of events led to the photo tale below. You can see how “ugly ducklings” are turning into “swans”. Because before all butcher blocks become beautiful they are “pretty ugly”.

Enjoy by clicking at circles.

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