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Designing culinary events, dinner parties and being a chef is one of my favorite forms of working with food. I actually looked forward to any new food experience.

I am a very creative with food and I can “cook up” pretty much anything. I make children like veggies as well as delight guests with completely new flavors. I meet the strictest dietary restrictions. Vegan, kosher, Gerson, gluten or lactose free, paleo… you name it, I make it happen. I also love to teach how to cook better, entertain guests or even prepare an aphrodisiac dinner that can totally seduce your date. I make wildest culinary dreams happen, just ask

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Food Polka (who is she anyway?)

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Few examples of my dinner parties:

Surprise Rooftop Engagement Dinner, West Hollywood, California

4 course Dinner menu:

  • Appetizer Crostini, Capers, Heirloom tomatoes, Meyer lemon, Black garlic, Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salad Baby arugula, Heirloom spinach, Roasted pumpkin seeds, Goat cheese, 18 years aged balsamic
  • Main Course Chicken scaloppini, Papardelle pasta, Pesto sauce
  • Dessert Heart shaped flourless chocolate cake, Hazelnuts, Mango mousse, Strawberries

Theme Russian Appetizer Party, Long Beach, California

7 course Appetizer size menu:

  • Baked Chopped Liver Pate, Thyme, Organic Unsalted Rye, Caraway Seed Rye, Beet Micro Greens
  • Buckwheat Blinis with Caviar
  • Golden Yukon potato salad, Fresh marjoram, Cornichons gherkin pickles, Fresh green peas (optional pickled herring with pickled onions)
  • Balsamic roasted red and golden beets, Fresh horseradish shavings, Lemon zest, Arugula
  • Grilled, smoked deli sausage, Caramelized sweet onions, Whole grain Dijon mustard
  • Golden Yukon potato and smoked bacon stuffed dumplings, Ghee, Fresh marjoram
  • Cheese cupcakes, Poppy seeds, Cardamom

Birthday Dinner Party, Newport Beach, California

8 course Dinner menu:

  • Apetizers
    Smoked trout pate, cucumbers, radish
    Charcuttire Platter
    Flatbread Black Truffle, Truffle Oil, Black Garlic, Gruyerre cheese
    Flatbread Caramelized Red Onions, Kalamata olives, Fresh thyme, Fontina Cheese
  • Salad Grilled asparagus, Zucchini and Cocktail tomatoes, Arugula, Basil dressing
  • Main Course Veal Osso Buco, Creamy Gorgonzola polenta
  • Dessert Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry crumble, Vanilla Mascarpone cream

Spooky Halloween Appetizer Party, Los Feliz – Los Angeles, California

5 course menu:

  • Eye balls in “blood”
  • Bloody rib eye “worms”
  • Vegetable crudo “cemetery” in “mud”
  • Black eye caprese crostini
  • Dusty, old popcorn

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