Food Polka was created by Marta Fowlie – a versatile food-focused creative, tabletop director, food stylist, and photographer based in Los Angeles, California.

Originally a sociologist with an additional psychology of business degree, she was born and educated in Poland. Her international background and experience gives her unique perspective and insight.

Her naturally creative and curious mind paired with an entrepreneurial spirit attracted her to creative industries upon immigrating to the United States in 1999. In time, she picked up the skills and portfolio to work as creative director, consultant, food stylist, and photographer. With a sensitive eye for detail and fascination with art and design, she fell into her new role with ease.

Since 2008, she has run numerous creative operations of her own. Her portfolio includes still and motion content from a variety of different sources, including national and international food brands and magazines, advertising and media agencies, production companies, celebrities, renowned restaurants, and prominent food related startups. It also includes creative collaborations with design studios, talented artists, and creative entrepreneurs across the United States and Europe.

After running through the analytics and doing a great deal of research, Marta founded and developed Phoode.com, a large-scale online platform for food creatives. On a daily basis, she oversees and mentors an international team of creative, food focused individuals.

What sets Marta apart from the rest of the creative crowd?

She’s not afraid to carve out her own path aesthetically. She does everything in her power to breathe fresh life into any of her creative endeavors. She’s not the type to be swayed by passing gimmicks or flashy sets. Instead, she values simple form, strong concepts, and timeless looks.

You’ll never receive the same thing from Marta twice.

Through her creative process, she always manages to find a new way of looking at even the most mundane subjects.

She isn’t just another talented artist, but a rational, scientific mind as well, making her an effective communicator and a natural team leader.

She communicates professional objectives and passionately pursues business goals with unmatched diligence and determination. What’s more, her originality and unique skill set allows her to take fresh approaches to obstacles and solve problems creatively. These strengths combine to create Food Polka, a creative force to be reckoned with.

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Clients include: Hilton Hotels, National Geographic, Cacique, American Greetings, US Weekly, Freeform, Foodbeast, Phoode, Reddit, Lamb Weston, Halo Top, Galore Mag, Pick Up Stix, Minute Maid, Fleming’s Steakhouse, Cadence Kitchen, Postmates, Viking, Match.com, Amsterdam Vodka, Umami Burger, Erewhon Market.

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  2. Sno

    What an amazing story… I proudly come from full polish heritage, my grand parents and parents immigrated to Australia after everything was lost… I will never forget the amazing smell of my grandmothers kitchen which has had a major impact on my passion for cooking… I too love finding new things to cook with but also love trying to replicate the amazing polish food that Babcia used to cook… I have a face book page where I upload pics of the things I cook (some good, some not so good) and I try to influence others to get creative in the kitchen on a budget and be greatful for the abundance of different foods we have available… If you would like to take a look, my face book page is ‘www.facebook.com/snoskitchen’ would love to hear what you think… Cheers and best of luck to you… Sno

    • Thank you very much for writing this Sno. It means a lot. I will follow you on Facebook. I myslef like cooking on a budget as it is more challenging and it makes me more creative. Keep in touch. Marta

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