Brownie recipe that I love and so will your loved one

Have you ever thought? Here we go again. Another year, another Valentines Day? Another dilemma! What should I do with her? What should I do for him? Well, I am telling you, I have been there. I have also been there to help others out; as a personal chef. Besides offering a private intimate, sensual Valentine’s Day dinner for your beloved one, I can also offer simple ideas that you can execute on your own. There is a lot truth […]

Aphrodisiac filled dinner. A Valentine’s Day salmon recipe

Have you ever heard about powerful food ingredients that feed your sex drive? Maybe? Maybe not?! Well, no matter what you know about, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Perhaps it is time to take it to the next level. Just think: An intimate, aphrodisiac ingredient loaded, homemade Valentine’s Day dinner for two. Doesn’t it sound like a seductive enhancement to the Valentine’s Day pleasures? The pleasures can start with shopping together, but they will definitely end in the […]

Play with your sweetheart and your cake this Valentine’s Day

Just as you would play with your sweetheart, you should play with your dessert! It is mandatory that this V-Day your dessert consists of an aphrodisiac. Which one is my favorite? Pomegranate! According to common knowledge, many other fruits serve as aphrodisiacs. If you want to make the magic happen, the list of fruits goes on and on: strawberries, cherries, watermelon, bananas and more. Let your imagination run wild, and use them in whichever way you desire. Just bake your […]

Double Dip allowed. Chocolaty aphrodisiac fruit dessert

Valentines Day is a perfect occasion for dipping aphrodisiac fruit in rich, velvety chocolate that itself is an aphrodisiac. Cut aphrodisiac fruits into shapes that only your imagination can deliver. Put them on the skewer. Hold them with your fingertips by the stem. Dip the fruit inside that warm pot, full of velvety, chocolate. Pamper your lip and mouth with it. Let your tongue feel it when it’s still warm. And to add more spice to your dessert and make […]