Pork schnitzel breaded in buckwheat as guiltless pleasure

The Pole’s relationship with pork chops is like the American’s relationship with steak. Although I love steak, I also love pork. After 25 years of Polish Pork Cuisine,  pork has become an integral part of my diet. Sometimes when I get cravings for the old times and Slavic–Germanic culinary tradition, I make a simple pork schnitzel accompanied with potatoes and dill. When the spirit of Californian speaks to me and I want a healthier version, I make a pork schnitzel… breaded in buckwheat flour. So here is a recipe for a […]

Carnitas a’la Food Polka a.k.a slow roasted pork with lots of marjoram

Being Polish means being in love with pork. It feels like a serious offense or a sin in Poland to refuse to eat pork. Seriously, I have never met a person in Poland, other than my vegetarian friends, who wouldn’t eat that meat. So, after I moved to California I had to find some pork! Although it isn’t America’s meat of choice, it wasn’t hard to find because of the “omnipresent” Mexican cuisine. I was quickly introduced to Carnitas and […]

Split pea soup inspired by Polish military field kitchens

This is the ultimate Polish soup recipe. The soup is called “Grochówka” which means it’s made out of dried split pea and few more typical for Polish soups ingredients. If you drive across Poland you will notice roadside stands and food shacks in the woods inviting you to have a bowl of the “Grochówka Wojskowa” or “Grochówka Polowa” which translates into the “Military Split Pea Soup”. Stop by and you will most likely end up with something really tasty. Something […]

American steakhouse dinner menu takes the cake, proving meat and potatoes never go out of style

Earlier this month I received the unfortunate news that a chef startup that had recruited me back in 2013 is ending its operation in Southern California. Their business idea didn’t quite fit the geographically dispersed LA footprint, so they’ve decided to focus solely on NYC where they’ve been seeing a lot of success. I have to admit, I genuinely enjoyed working with them. Not only did they match me with a good number of awesome jobs that allowed me to […]

Oranges and carrots. A match made in heaven

In December, I mentioned in my Navel Orange Pankaces post, that I always try to use seasonal fruits as creatively as possible for a variety of purposes.  I thought that by April Navels will be gone but because of the dry and warm winter we had here in California this year, they are actually still available. So today, I am going to be using Navel oranges once again and this time the oranges will be used to make a super […]