The Lonely Winter Brussels Sprouts Soup. It’s “lonely”, but you don’t have to eat it alone

I am fortunate to spend this Holiday season with my family in Poland. It has been 16 years since the last Christmas together and a very long time since I experienced the “real” winter for longer than a week. Although it’s cold out here, I am still super excited because the trip triggers so many culinary memories. Winters in Northern Europe offer very limited variety of local produce but Brussels Sprouts are in season now. So, here is my sentimental winter tale about this “little” vegetable. I grew […]

I know. It’s cheesy but I miss Polish farmer’s cheese

Do you want to know the food product from Poland I miss the most? Polish style farmer’s cheese. During my childhood this was my favorite food and it was relatively easy to get, unlike most other food products. During the 80s most of food items were rationed per person. However this cheese was never rationed. I would walk into the often times bare market and get the whiff of that unique sour smell the cheese produced, especially strong when there […]

The Christmas Tale of Food Polka. Oranges and Irony

Yesterday, like every other day, my little Jack Russell – conveniently named Jack – woke me by doing his funny paw dance on my chest.  He lifts them up in this goofy way and lands them on my chest.  It was really cute when he was a puppy and I never trained him not to do it, so now I get woken up every morning to the same thing.  Every morning I also have to find new toys or bones […]

How lack of confidence in your English can create a blog?

What is Food Polka? The word “Polka”, as some of you may or may not know, is the Polish word for a Polish woman. I am Polish, I am a woman, and I love to cook, so I am the Food Polka. How did it all start? Well, in February of 2013 I started a culinary blog in Polish: It got a really good response from friends and family. When I would tell my American friends about it, they […]

Who is Food Polka?

My name is Marta and I am the founder of Food Polka. I emigrated from Poland to the US in 2001. I now, thankfully, live in sunny Southern California. I wake up every morning so grateful and happy to be in this place. I grew up in communism and lived through the worst of it. I lived through empty shelves at the markets, watching the rest of the world – especially the US have modern technology and appliances – while […]