This Carnival treat your date to the sophisticated version of Polish cabbage rolls. This vegetable brings love and sexual potency to your life!

So you are an immigrant. Perhaps Polish, like myself. You landed in a foreign country. You fell in love with the place, culture and people. You decided to stay and settle down. You got a job. You made yourself a cozy home. But something is still missing. You can’t put your finger on it. Perhaps it’s that special someone missing in your life? That person you have always dreamed about but you haven’t had time for? The person you can […]

The mystery of the cabbage. Nostalgia comes from the weirdest places

I’ve been living in California for 13 years now, and I can honestly say I never really had encountered homesickness. When you move to a new country you’re so excited at first. You take every opportunity to experience the new culture, environment, and people. For some, that initial excitement might die down and they might start to miss their homeland. This usually results in two things happening: they eventually wait out that feeling and come to accept the new country […]

The Lonely Winter Brussels Sprouts Soup. It’s “lonely”, but you don’t have to eat it alone

I am fortunate to spend this Holiday season with my family in Poland. It has been 16 years since the last Christmas together and a very long time since I experienced the “real” winter for longer than a week. Although it’s cold out here, I am still super excited because the trip triggers so many culinary memories. Winters in Northern Europe offer very limited variety of local produce but Brussels Sprouts are in season now. So, here is my sentimental winter tale about this “little” vegetable. I grew […]

Pork schnitzel breaded in buckwheat as guiltless pleasure

The Pole’s relationship with pork chops is like the American’s relationship with steak. Although I love steak, I also love pork. After 25 years of Polish Pork Cuisine,  pork has become an integral part of my diet. Sometimes when I get cravings for the old times and Slavic–Germanic culinary tradition, I make a simple pork schnitzel accompanied with potatoes and dill. When the spirit of Californian speaks to me and I want a healthier version, I make a pork schnitzel… breaded in buckwheat flour. So here is a recipe for a […]

Sophisticated sauerkraut made in the privacy of your own home

Sauerkraut is perhaps one of the most controversial culinary ingredients in the entire world. Either you love it or you hate it. I have never seen anything in between. Either you devour it or you don’t even look at it. That is the bottom line. The “gray zone” starts when it comes to making the kraut sour (btw, kraut is a German word for cabbage). The process of souring it can have many faces. This outwardly “simplistic” vegetable can be […]